Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have a Blog or Website? Start making money with Adbrite!

If you have a blog/website and haven't been making good money with it, I would like to recommend to you to use a good Ad Marketplace called Adbrite. You can open an account with them for free and they will provide you with the html codes that you can paste on your blog. Depending on your traffic, you can earn from 5$ - 500$ a day.

If you don't have a blog yet, please read this article: CLICK HERE

Monday, June 16, 2008

Make Money through Adbrite

I run 4 other Sites and Blogs which I promoted from ground up. This particular blog will just be about setting up your own blog, adbrite account and getting visitors.

Currently, I will tell you my experiences with Adbrite. I started making $30 a month on it in my first month. I felt like it is a good way to make easy money so I worked on it more until I developed a huge network and I now make approximately $6,000 monthly using Adbrite. I have only been using adbrite for 6 months. This is now my 7th month. I have now been able to leave my office work and I am a work at home 22 year old guy. I make more than my friends, my siblings, my father and my uncles and aunts. I was able to buy my first car which is an Mazda 3 doing just this and I am now in the process of getting my own house and condo. My earnings have been able to support all this and I am very thankful for it. Below is my current standing with Adbrite and I am looking for more ways to expand it.

I was able to buy this on my own:

And I receive something like this on a monthly basis:

The following entry will show you how you can make extra money online. The process is quite simple although you are also required to put in some energy and time if you want to make a lot of money through this. This entry will concentrate on making money throgh an Ad Network called Adbrite. Adbrite now has approximately 70,000 sites within its network so it is easy to be able to sell your adspace within a few minutes of setting it up. I made $2.00 the first 2 hours I set up my blog and adspace. That is still a little low so if you want to make more than that, you will need to really market and advertise your site so that people will visit it. I will also cover that later on.

To be able to make money, you will need the following:

1) A Blog or A Website (
2) An Adbrite Account

3) Site Visitors

Setting up a Blog or a Website:
Setting up a Blog is very easy and does not cost money. There are various sites that offer free blogs. One example is You will need to sign up with them and create your blog so that you will have a place to put your Ads later on after creating your adbrite account.

Setting up an Adbrite Account:
Setting up an Adbrite Account is also very easy. CLICK HERE to begin setting up your adbrite account. Upon landing on Adbrite site from the link above, click on “Web Publishers – Sell Ads” and clicks on “Start Now” to create your account and to inform them about the site/blog you created. They will take you on a step by step guide on how to complete everything. NOTE: If you are not a resident of the United States and don’t pay tax, you can place “123456789” or your SSN in your country in the Social Security # field.

Once you have completed this, you are ready to begin making money. But wait – to make a LOT of money, you will have to advertise and market your site to many people to gain LOTS AND LOTS of site visitors.

Getting Site Visitors:
You’ve basically set up everything and you are ready to make money. But you cannot make money unless someone visits your blog or site. To advertise your site and get visitors by the thousands or millions, you will need to let people know your site exist. Below are ways you can do this:

1) Tell your friends, family, relatives about your site and tell them to go visit it.
2) Email your contacts in your address book and give them a link to your site. Ex:
3) Ask others with Websites or Blogs to put a link in their site going to your site. Exchange links with other site/blog owners
4) Submit your site in Directories. Ex:
5) Post your site in forums.
6) Create videos that will let people know about your site and upload it in Video Sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.
There are more ways to do this and if you are really serious in making a lot of cash this way, you can go research more and find other creative ways to gain a lot of site visitors. Here is one site that has good information: